Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easy Peasy Marbling for kids

One of my favorite things to do with T is get creative. From day-to-day this takes on different meanings, but today it was a simple water and coconut oil marbling craft.
I've done this before with baby oil but I don't own that anymore so coconut oil is what I used. You will need:
Paint (we used watercolors, which were very light and food coloring which gave darker colors but less variations)

*Oil (again, we used coconut oil which I melted to a liquid)
*a pan you don't mind getting oily (filled a third full of cool water)
*Paper scraps or pretty paper for making cards and tags
*a place to put your finished papers on to dry
*and of course, an energetic and joyful toddler.

To make pretty paper like ours, fill your pan a third full of cool water. Add a few drops of your oil and allow it to spread out and ball up across the water.

Then add about a teaspoon of different paints and shake the pan slightly so the oil separates and begins to roll through the paint across the pan.

Next, dip a piece of paper in the mixture and let it settle beneath the oil so the paint sticks around the spaces where the oil didn't hit, like this:

Then, lift, allow to drip a little, and place on a plate to dry.

VĂ³ila! You've made marbled paper.

Enjoy, and please make sure your whirlychild is wearing art project friendly clothes :)

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