My parenting philosophies

My parenting philosophies:

1) Do no harm.
I believe my child is first and foremost a person. She has wants and needs and deserves bodily autonomy the same as any human being. For this reason, we do not use punitive parenting techniques: no spanking/ shaming/ time outs etc. We don't vaccinate because it is her body and she deserves to decide what goes into it. We do not pierce her ears or cut her hair and allow her to decide when she is hungry or full.
2) Little pictures have big feelings.
My partner and I model the behavior we think our daughter should learn; kindness, gentleness, respect etc. We still co-sleep because she hasn't shown interest in sleeping alone as of yet. We still breastfeed because she has not weaned herself. We still wear her in a wrap or sling or Ergo when she asks, because she still needs physical closeness and those are the ways she gets it.
3) Nature & Nurture
We believe a connection to nature is fundamental to our daughter's health and happiness. Nurturing is natural and nature shows us how to nurture. The two are deeply connected. By spending time in nature she is bright and healthy, she knows where her food comes from and is surrounded by colors and smells that are true and not manufactured. By keeping her world as connected to nature as we can we minimize her exposure to toxins, build her immune system, and allow her to plow through life creatively.