Saturday, March 26, 2011

One sweet potato

Today after we finished up our Saturday morning run to the Farmer's Market, I was unpacking our veggies when T spotted the sweet potatoes.
"I want that, mama!" She said. Of course she did- these days she's eating constantly.
So I easily peeled the largest one, sliced it into circles, and quickly cut out heart shapes in the middle. I saw this done somewhere with apples around Valentines day, but I think they used cookie cutters (and mine are currently being employed in the sandbox) so I free formed these with a sharp peeling knife.

 Sprinkle with salt, bake for 20minutes as you usually would with a sweet potato fry, and hurray! You've got one sweet potato.
 I'm imagining all the other great veggies we can enjoy this way; beets maybe? Tiny banana chips? Cucumbers, regular potatoes, a slice of raw tomato with another veggie filling the hole? What strange things do you use funny shapes on for your whirlychild?


  1. Such a good idea. I usually don't like sweet potatoes, but this looks good!

  2. how hot did you bake, and did you use any oil? this looks like lots of fun

  3. @Slee
    I baked on 350* for about 20minutes and no oil. I just tossed them
    On a vented pizza sheet (it bakes things up quickly) but any cookie sheet will do.
    They were gone so fast I only got one picture of her eating them :)


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